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SB 1519 moves to House Judiciary & Public Safety Committee

SB 1519, Gov. Ducey and Sen. Smith's firearm confiscation bill passed the Senate and is now in the House. With the budget passed, the remainder of the bills will move very quickly in order for the legislature to sine die. It is an election year after all. Below is a sample message you may copy, cut & paste to send to the committee members.


Committee members email addresses:;;;;;;;;

Dear Chairman Farnsworth and Members of the Judiciary & Public Safety Committee:

Although a lot of effort has gone in to the Severe Threat Order of Protection (STOP) , or Gun Violence Protection Order (GVRO) as  anti-gun groups commonly refer to them,  portion of SB 1519, we still stand in opposition to the bill.

Although many of the flaws in Florida’s GVRO’s are not contained in Senator Smith’s version, flaws exist nonetheless.

For example: A Pembrook Pines, Florida female teen was seized under their Red Flag RO law by police and questioned for hours over a social media post. During the questioning, according to reports, she was asked about numerous comments she made on social media as well as being asked about her fondness for the TV show Vampire Diaries. I cannot say I’ve ever heard of the show let alone seen it, but it sends chills down my spine knowing that the government would know of her fondness of it.

The teens attorney, Kendra Parris, is quoted as saying, “This constitutes state action against protected speech – online in private forums. It’s an overly broad statute. … The legislature needs to go back to the drawing board, respect individuals’ due process rights.”

We would add her right to speak freely without fear of being seized without posing any threat to herself or others.

We urge you to vote NAY when SB 1519 comes before your committee.



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