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Stop STOP - Phase II

There is still time to write your Senator. Don't regret not acting.
Stop STOP - Phase II



There is still time to express your displeasure with Governor Doug Ducey and Senator Steve Smith.

SB 1519 passed the Commerce & Public Safety and Rules Committees last week on April 19th.

From there it went in to the Democrat and Republican caucus.

Its next stop is the Committee of the Whole, where all sorts of shenanigans can occur. This is where amendments galore may be offered taking this from an awful bill to a dangerous one.

We have written extensively about the Strike Everything Amendment that passed the C&PS committee on April 19th. You can see our evaluation here:

Use our analysis to construct a personal email to the members of the Senate.
We strongly suggest you send the the below listed Senators an email informing them, politely of course, to Stop STOP by amending SB 1519, removing the entire section on STOP, or more commonly referred to as Gun Violence Restraining Orders.

The following are the email address of every current member of the Arizona Senate

NOTE: Copy, Cut & Paste in to your email editor;