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Arizona Driver's License manual adds section on firearms

In light of recent officer involve shootings of individuals both with and without firearms, Arizona has added a section in their Driver's manual on what an individual should do if carrying a firearm on their person or within the means of transportation when stopped by law enforcement.
From pages 56 and 57 of the Driver's License Manual (July 2017)

After the car is stopped drivers should:
▪ Put the car in park;
▪ Remain in the vehicle;
▪ Keep your seat belt fastened; (Thisalso applies to any other vehicle occupants.)
▪ Keep your hands on the steering wheel in a visible location;
▪ Wait for the law enforcement officer to approach your vehicle and make contact;
▪ Consider lowering your windows, especially if tinted, to allow for additional visibility and communication to ensure the safety of all parties involved with the traffic stop;
At night, turn on overhead passenger compartment lights to illuminate the inside of the vehicle; and
▪ Inform the officer of any weapons on your person or in the vehicle. In addition to the guidelines above, drivers with firearms in the vehicle should keep your hands on the steering wheel in a visible location and when the officer approaches let them know that you have a firearm in the vehicle and where the firearm is located. If requested, the officer may take possession of the weapon, for safety reasons, until the contact is complete.
Drivers should not:
▪  Reach around inside the vehicle. If you need to reach for an item, contact the officer verbally to indicate the item you need to locate and only do so after the officer has given verbal confirmation.
▪ Get out of the vehicle unexpectedly or approach the officer. If you need to exit your vehicle, contact the officer verbally to ask to exit the vehicle, only exit after the officer has given verbal confirmation to do so.
While every traffic stop varies based on the circumstances of the stop, drivers can generally expect the officer to:
▪ Greet the driver;
▪ Identify themselves as a law enforcement officer;
▪ Obtain the driver license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance;
▪ Inform the individual of the reason for the stop and explain the circumstances for issuance of the citation or warning;
▪ Check both the validity and authenticity of the driver license;

The following is NOT from the manual: Under Arizona law, if an officer asks if you have any weapons, you must disclose whether or not you do. It is a Class 1 misdemeanor if you fail to do so. Although the information provided in the manual informs you to tell the officer you have a weapon in the vehicle, you are not required to disclose that information unless asked. There is great debate over whether or not to inform the officer. That is a choice only you can make.

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