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AR-15 Give-A-Way

On Friday, April 19th the drawing was held for the AR-15 at Black Weapons Armory, 5645 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ. Adam, from Oro Valley won the AR-15.
AR-15 Give-A-Way

AR-15 Give-A-Way


Thank you to all who entered our AR-15 Give-A-Way. Unfortunately only one can only be one winner, but in my book, each and every one of you are winners because of your effort to hand a stinging blow to the firearm prohibitionists this week.


The drawing for the Bushmaster AR-15 took place yesterday at Black Weapons Armory, 5645 E. Broadway Blvd., Tucson, AZ at approximately 2:15pm with KOLD, KGUN and probably 50 or so guests. In a matter of just a few seconds it was all over and the winner was selected.


If you have not received a notification that you are a winner, you did not win. The winner was so excited they were in Black Weapons Armory shortly after receiving the email informing them they had won and were completing the 4473 so they could to take possession of their new AR-15.


Adam (the winner) lives in Oro Valley, AZ so he did not have to travel far.


Thank you to all who participated.


To all of you who donated to Gun Owners of Arizona, we want to give you a special thank you. Every little bit helps.


I ask you to stay tuned because even though Senator Reid’s S. 649 is in a holding pattern for now, President Obama and his Organizing for Action, Mark Kelly and his Americans for Responsible Action as well as Bloomberg and the rest of the anti-Rights groups are regrouping from their stinging loss and strategizing their next move.


In fact, several groups were already in from of Senator Flake’s Phoenix and Tucson offices protesting his NO vote for the Manchin-Toomey amendment.


I hope you stay in the ‘fight’ and help Gun Owners of Arizona keep these groups from using their emotional pleas to force Congress from enacting any laws that place any further restrictions on our rights, whether they are guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment to the Federal Constitution, Article II, Section 26 of the Arizona Constitution, or a non-enumerated right such as the right to private property and privacy.


We will need you to win.


In liberty,


Ken Rineer

President, Gun Owners of Arizona

P.O. Box 18640

Tucson, AZ 85731-8640